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Maroon 5 Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 24



5.0 star rating Julie LaCelle from Sacramento, California


Absolutely incredible show! Adam Levine and the band truly delivered a memorable experience for everyone. My favorite part was seeing him perform Lost Stars. The fact that the stage extended out, brought Adam closer to the crowd. That was an added bonus! The Golden 1 Center was very nice, though a bit pricey. A great night was had by all! I would put the concert in my top 5 of all time.

5.0 star rating Robert from Salt Lake City, Utah


What incredible energy!

5.0 star rating Mike and Andrea from Dallas, Texas


So glad we got to see Adam and the guys again!! This was our 6th time and I feel like it was really the best. Great energy, great songs and yes Adam took his shirt off !! Fun nail polish too I'm sure his daughters had something to do with it. The venue helped us feel safe as covid vax were checked . Thanks to all the security too AWESOME!!!

5.0 star rating Phil from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


One of greatest shows ever. Adam is a show man. Every song is a hit. Every one is singing. Tons of beautiful woman, all want Adam. 21 great songs. Cannot believe I got tickets today. Great show. Might go to Hershey tomorrow.

5.0 star rating Lizzie A from Boston, Massachusetts


Damn good show! Adam, where does that energy come from? The band did a non-stop measly of old and new hits. They sounded fantastic and really engaged the Boston crowd.

5.0 star rating Susan Sems from West Palm Beach, Florida


Adam Levine and Bandmates Maroon 5 lived up to their superb performance and spectacular show at Ithink Financial Center in WPB! They played one hit after another with enthusiastic audience participation singing along with the songs! This open air venue is perfect for concerts and the weather cooperated making this one of the BEST SHOWS ever!!!! Thank you Maroon 5!!!

4.0 star rating Dave from Charlotte, North Carolina


The band was terrific. Poor sound. Too bassy. Hendrick VIP pitifully bad. No servers. Parking was FUBAR.

4.0 star rating Phil from Boston, Massachusetts


We saw them at Fenway last night, and everything about the concert was awesome - setlist was perfect, Adam's voice and engagement with the audience, etc. But OMG - the bass was so overdriven that you couldn't even hear the vocals on some songs, couldn't hear the instruments, etc. In seeing these reviews, I cannot believe they subject their fans (like me and my wife) to one concert after another without fixing this crazytown audio engineering. We've been to LOTS of concerts and have felt our chests vibrate from the bass many times, but this wasn't that. It was that x1,000 at any other "normal" concert. And trust me, we're not being picky or audiophiles. All the smartphone recordings you see posted don't have the mic range to pick up bass that deep, so you won't hear it when your friends post clips. But to be there and experience it in person - OMG. Just ruined the enjoyment of so many songs. The opening act was intolerable due to this. ADAM AND MAROON 5, WE LOVE YOU BUT GET THIS FIXED!!

3.0 star rating Joanne Scannell from Hartford, Connecticut


Maroon 5 have electric energy and talent and this is not the venue to see them in. For a little more than an hour and a half, they perform song after song and the audience sings along. The acoustics in this venue are horrible and at times the bass drowned out Adams falsetta. As the band members are introduced, one could not hear their names. The screens are for those seated facing the stage and for those of us in the upper part of the arena, the videos looked spliced. I want to see them again, in a smaller venue, with better acoustics, and on a personal note, want them to "strip it down" and sing, "Lost Stars." Adams choreographer has him performing along a Roman numeral 5, to meet the needs of the crowd, but for those in the "heavens" the closest one gets to having an intimate experience is on a screen. As one descends the stairs, security pushes the crowd on, when all we want is a closer view.

3.0 star rating Kelly Krieger from Detroit, Michigan


Couldn’t hear Adam Over the bass. Disappointing.

3.0 star rating Toni from Chicago, Illinois


Maroon 5 was very nice and interactive with the audience. Songs were good choices. The problem was with the sound system. So much bass that I couldn't hear the music. Best songs were those at the end with only the acoustic guitar....Lost Stars is my favorite and it sounded great... Love Adam Levine...concert was disappointing because of sound...even the warm up person ....Julia...had this awful sound set up.

3.0 star rating Shadow fan from Kansas City, Missouri


Let me start of with I love Maroon 5 and the majority of their songs. The reason for the mediocre rating is the sound system. The bass was so loud you could barely hear Adam Levine's voice. I don't know if it is the venue or the sound manager but I would say the majority of their songs sound better from the studio than live. It was just seemed out of sync and rushed , as well.

3.0 star rating Dale from White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, WA


We saw Maroon 5 at the White River Amphitheatre 8/10/21. Though we sat in reserved seating left of stage, section 115, the view was good. They played a nice set and Adam Levine was quite entertaining, but the problem was WAY TOO MUCH BASS. It drowned out the vocals and did not deliver the quality expected of a band like this. The acoustic guitar parts with singing were best because we could follow the vocals. Overall, it was a nice time and though the stage set was a bit overdone, the lights were nice and the show was high energy. It was enjoyable to get back to a concert given the pandemic and year delay of our tickets. I think the band was happy about being back onstage.

3.0 star rating MazzDadd from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I like Maroon 5 & this was my second time seeing them. Adam messed up on two songs but stopped the songs and made fun of himself which was pretty cool. The Crowd was pumped up and it transferred to the band who put on a good show. The light show and set were fine but the vocals were drowned out by the bass. I don't mind 'feeling' it from time to time, but I also want to hear Adam and the other instruments. If I didn't know the songs the show would have received 1-star. Good set list. 1:45 show length.

3.0 star rating Claudia from San Francisco, California


Maroon 5 needs to invest $$$ into their sound system.The words sound muffeled and at times you cant even hear Adam singing. Love Maroon 5 ,but this time around it lacked clarity.

2.0 star rating Allyson from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


We have to say it was one of the worst concert because of the sound engineering. The bass was way overdone as were some of the lighting tactics and you could barely hear the vocalists voices and lyrics. Hence they were "screaming" almost and hard to understand. What a shame as Adam Levine has an amazing voice as does Julia. Could not hear one name when Adam introduced the band. The songs were also so rushed, almost unfinished before the next one began. The visuals were mostly distracting in the back. Such a disappointment as we spent a lot for great seats for our first Maroon 5 concert..usually love their music! Waited to hear She will Be loved in acoustic version, but it was just a lazy attempt at the song..boohoo. Maybe the tour has been too long and not sure if it was the venue or the band's engineering...such a shame.

2.0 star rating Adam Green from Waltham, Massachusetts


I have been to many concerts at the TD Garden and most sound great. Maroon 5, however sounded terrible. Over pumped bass and music with underwhelming vocal mixing meant for both Julia Michaels and Maroon 5, we could not hear one word of the lyrics.

2.0 star rating JJ from Boston, Massachusetts


I’m an old dude and have been going to concerts for many years. This show was disappointing. The sound system was poor. The overwhelming bass drowned out the majority of the vocals and other instruments. Large video screen images were misaligned horizontally. However, the band had terrific energy and played a great selection.

2.0 star rating Nancy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Am I the only one who thought the 2021 Maroon 5 concert at the American Family Amphitheater in Milwaukee was the most disappointing concert experience EVER? Reviews online complain of poor sound engineering at other locations so it wasn't just our venue; it must be the sound engineer. At times the music almost completely drowned out the vocals. That being said, maybe it was on purpose, as Levine's vocals sounded like a poor cover band. If I weren't with a good friend and waiting for Levine to take his shirt off (which he didn't do until then end of the last song), I probably would have walked out. I wanted to see the jeans-and-no-shirt Adam, not quarantine Adam in his orange and black animal print baggy shorts and unmatched white and blood-spattered-look shirt. I felt like I was watching a garage band practice, not a stadium performance. If I am paying big money to see a performance, I expect the band to LOOK like rock stars. Musically I can't say much about the band since the sound mix was so poor that it dominated any talent that may have existed. The drummer seemed the only one I thought I may enjoy watching, but screen video completely cut of his head, only showing his hands and drums, EVERY TIME. The keyboard player almost didn't exist (on screens which were all I could see). The guitar player had little expression except an occasional I've-got-hemorrhoids grimace (granted, a semi-typical look for guitar players), but zero interaction with audience. The bass player looked like someone's accountant pulled onstage (again, no musicality review here except that the bass mix drowned out lyrics; not his fault). Most video graphics were well done, and made back-up dancers and duet singer Cardi B unnecessary onstage, which occurred to me that it saved the tour some bucks. Speaking of bucks, mention of the Milwaukee Bucks championship brought the biggest cheers of the night, which strikes me as a cheap ploy for applause, along with the gestures from Adam to cheer more for them (I-can't-hear-you and clap-louder gestures which are simply a pet peeve of mine in general). I was really looking forward to this show SO MUCH, and I've never before been to a concert where I knew every single song. Maroon 5's playlist is pretty spectacular. However, I couldn't help but think that this band has been made famous by awesome in-studio sound engineering alone. Regarding the back up band Black Bear, I didn't pay much attention for the first few songs since I didn't think I'd ever heard of them. However, despite the swear-laden lyrics, their musicality eventuality caught my attention, especially considering I didn't know most songs. They saved their popular songs for last, so until these three, I didn't realize I "knew" them. The "F-U, and you, and you and you and you" anthem was tongue-in-cheek angsty, but got a bit ridiculous when they interacted with the crowd with "I said F#ck, you say You". Ok, kids, whatever. I'm in my 50s. Lol. But overall, I truly enjoyed Black Bear more than Maroon 5, which I never could have imagined saying in a review. I'll never waste my $100 on Maroon 5 again, and even for $5, which some friends paid for their last minute tickets, I wouldn't bother.

2.0 star rating Ella from Buffalo, New York


The band led off with “Moves Like Jagger”. I noticed Adam singing an octave lower as if he couldn’t hit those notes he used to. Levine sounded better on older songs when Maroon 5 was more of a band and less of a studio singer with a backing band. “This Love” and “One More Night" being the best. “Animals” and “Love Somebody” were better, yet at times he seemed out of breath; sometimes taking breaths that skipped whole phrases of music & sang lower than the recordings. “Harder to Breathe” followed “Payphone” which was done acoustically. “Payphone” almost had me crying. You could actually understand him. An issue that I had with the entire show was that perhaps the balance was off but there were times you couldn’t pick up exactly what he was signing. The rest of the show was merely mediocre except for "Sunday Morning" You may not have enjoyed most of the show as an older fan. The performance, especially on the newer material, seemed like a failure of conversion from studio to live.

2.0 star rating from Phoenix, Arizona


While there were some highs for the concert (Maroon 5 played their most popular songs one after the other once they got on stage), there were also some aspects that weighed down everything overall. The opening act prior to the pandemic was supposed to be Meghan Trainor, but was substituted for a DJ, who did their best, but it ended up feeling more like really loud background music because the there were no stage effects (or anything really) to indicate that the audience should be actually paying attention. It was bad planning, and I don't even blame the poor DJ. Maroon 5 arrived 2 HOURS LATE. That's just too much. Never been to another concert that's done that. Pretty much my biggest complaint. And then they only played for a fraction of that. Maroon 5 played for about 45 minutes straight, which, while impressive, really felt rushed with little time to breathe in-between songs. The audience interaction cues were also a little unclear, making the singing along awkward a some points.

1.0 star rating Sara from Las Vegas, Nevada


We attended the Maroon 5 concert on 12/30. The tickets said the concert started at 8pm and there wasn't an opening act. We got there at 7:30pm and the place was pretty empty. It filled up to about 75% at 8pm when a DJ came on and preformed for 30 min. People were dancing, the lights were dim, stage lights flashed and the music was good. At abruptly 8:30 the DJ stopped and thanked the crowd and left the stage. The lights were turned on and there was no music. From 8:30-9:05 there was nothing. It was as though we were waiting for the stock show. House lights were on, people were sitting and looking at their phones. A few times some people came on to the stage (which was dark) and seemed to be checking sound. At 9:05 the band came on and everyone was excited. Once they got thought the first few songs it became apparent that the sound was HORRIBLE. We couldn't hear Adam Levine, he was off key and beat some of the time and appeared to be holding his hand up to his ear. Concert lasted 75 min

1.0 star rating Matt Metzger from Noblesville, IN


Too much bass couldn’t hear him. I don’t understand how a band that’s been around that long can’t figure out how to set up a sound system. And then I read all these other reviews and think I’m not the only one. This was the Ruoff music center version of all the other problems that Have been spoken about. How about getting your act together instead of just taking people’s money for a poor performance like this?

1.0 star rating Heather McGuire from Phoenix, Arizona


What a joke!!!! I am not sure who should be held responsible for that disaster but someone should. There were tooooooooooiooo many people at that venue. Greed man, it’s awful. If you are going to require people to show proof of vaccinations, rapid test them, make them wear masks, does it make any sense at all that you would oversell the concert to the point no one could move. The lines were ridiculous, the parking was a nightmare, it was awful. People were leaving because the line just to get in was so long they figured they miss too much. I really wish something had been done to protect the quality of the concert instead of trying to take in a much money as possible. Come on. I will not be going to Ak-Chin anytime soon and recommend you do not either. Horrible experience


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